about me, currently

after a nice long run of steady & generous work I am once again actively seeking client work. my interests have evolved towards the natural world. the new challenge is figuring out how to reconcile my love for nature with my previous experience in advertising and culture. to make that even more difficult, i picked up an obsession with mountain biking along the way and need to contend with it on a daily basis.

about me, in bio formats

free associating a timeline

year ⏣ impressions, notable events, predominant preoccupations ✔︎ career signposts, notable clientele ◷ level of cashflow comfort, level of creative satisfaction

2008 photo assistant, seduction of travel. learning: "the industry", actual lighting. miami for weeks.

2009 no home to fly back to, freelancing a recession, in love

2010 recession, painting apartments while trying to shoot anything i can for work, juggling assisting, genuinely grateful, genuinely curious, ann taylor lookbook cover, teen vogue

2011 heartbreak, white zinf, mark gonzales krooked deck, editorial excitement, steady money, teen vogue, thailand for the first time since childhood, new home to fly back to

2012 35 great jones street, king & partners, noe associates, luxury clientele, agency assistance, miami for weeks

2013 35 great jones street, bed-stuy, 285 kent, luxury clientele, agency assistance, fade to mind, thailand fam

2014 montauk summers, thejogging & tumblr in general. new studio, live/work. domestic shorthair, black. franchise magazine. luxury in smaller doses, agency assistance runs its course. thailand fam.

2015 montauk summers, data science classes, food, editorial satisfaction. farewell to old regulars and hello to new ones. first book, ENERGY, book-form embrace, book-form obsession, book fairs. thailand fam.

2016 commercial/cash comfort, data science classes. mozz, independent publishing, art book fairs, creative satisfaction. new prez, in a van to standing rock on a shoestring. statistics obsession. ♤

2017 divest defund decolonize, the movement moved in. skin in that game. mozz, independent publishing, art book fairs. commercial comfort, lifestyle discomfort.

work/life idealogical imbalance.

franchise mag, opening ceremony, native american frontline, kate spade, wounded veterans, plush catering, cryptocurrency, post-traumatic growth. editorial satisfaction, existential ennui.

total solar eclipse, antifragility, avian obsession.

2018 every bird species across every season, in every local natural setting. 'a mountain bike might make getting to different places easier'

2019 mountain bike obsession, specific bird species across every season, general bike obsession, commercial cash gone, continual reductions in spending

2020 kobe bryant, covid-19, 'im fucked, but as long as the ship keeps sinking ill be fine', writing code again, this website, editing 1m bird photographs.

about me, the longer version

after a nice long run of steady & generous work I am once again actively seeking client work. my interests have evolved towards the natural world.

since the total solar eclipse of August 2017 I've steadily used my earnings to buy time to slow down. this slowing down mainly involved spending time in nature photographing birds - as opposed to the busy-ness of culture and business one might expect from life in new york city.

is it online?

it also involved being offline more often than not.

'a business without a sign is a sign of no business' reads the slogan on the back of Filipino Folk Foundry - poignant words describing my condition and it's solution. having ignored business for so long in favor of life, life gradually became harder to live. that hardship is only financial, though.

learning to live on less continues to be a layered experience - "necessity" persistently redefines itself in more pared down versions. my mom's dream would be for me to become a Buddhist monk, living out my days in meditation - so in many ways I can let go of even more.