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Hi it's Pete. I make a living taking pictures, and have been doing so the past 8 or so years in New York City. So far in 2021 I've done work for New Balance and Flight Club with Franchise Magazine, and a lil something for Kate Spade that'll be out in the fall.

Right now most of my time's spent shooting and editing bird pictures - hoping to shape together a few edits for publication. I'm also tinkering with this website - thinking about ways to combine my field work with my studio sensibility, and maybe adding a shop.

feel free, @pdpd.pd, github,


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My cat Snake and I live/work in Bed-Stuy. I call him Squid more often than anything, and usually in Thai (ปลาหมึก).

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When I'm not doing client work or [birding] I'm usually on my [mountain bike].

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Alternately, here's my bio from the the chicken issue of Lucky Peach magazine:

Pete was crowned Mr. WHS, the all-male beauty pageant of Whitney High School, despite his current unshaven and, quite frankly, sloppy appearance. During this time, he dated the Class President, who drove them to Prom in her father's Mazda Miata. Previously, he earned a one-day suspension for an incident involving a potato projectile device.


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I studied studio art at UCLA, and received my MFA from Yale University [gif from 2007]. Art school was ages ago but it still feels like the foundation for me - starting up independent projects, following curiousities, the process of building&shaping&tinkering - that mentality continues to be my primary motivation. ♘


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